Professional self-defense training

Skill-Set Training

  • Situational Awareness
  • Tactical Concealed Carry
  • Improvised Self-Defense
  • High-Stress Control

Our Instructors

Our LAKELANDS CWP Instructors are SLED Certified, NRA Certified, Family Friendly teachers with a passion for self-defense, and a desire to share at all levels

CWP Training

LAKELANDS CWP takes the time to explain the Why's and How's of owning, carrying and using a Firearm safely and effectively... for all skill levels, even if you've never fired a shot, you'll feel right at home

This is the complete Course required by SLED to apply for a Concealed Weapons Permit (CWP). We provide multiple Instructors, all range time, targets, hearing and eye protection, snacks and drinks, handouts and take home materials. We even assemble your entire application packet in an envelope, roll your fingerprints for free and fill out all of the paperwork for you. Firearm rental, if needed, is also included! 

CWP Skill-Set 1 and 2


Once you've earned your CWP and begin carrying in public you may realize that most every situation you're in presents multiple self-preservation challenges- from managing your shot placement while moving to managing your family and bystanders while responding; nothing looks like target practice at the range. These two4-hr Classes are built to turn the unknown into a muscle memory skill that you'll 'carry for life'. Learn law enforcement techniques like 'get off the X', 'beating tunnel vision', tactical mag changes and 'slicing the pie'. And learn concealed carry skills like the 'interview position' and 'cover firing'.

We proudly offer this free 1 hour basic courses for those that are new to, or have limited experience with, firearms and self-protection. We'll go over cleaning, maintenance and general familiarization; we'll discuss SC laws when carrying and using your firearm as well as the fundamentals of personal defense. We consider this a public service and proper stewardship, and will work around your schedule to make it happen! 

Complete CWP