Professional self-defense training

CWP Training

LAKELANDS CWP takes the time to explain the Why's and How's of owning, carrying and using a Firearm safely and effectively... for all skill levels, even if you've never fired a shot, you'll feel right at home

We train, at our facility, a very select group, that is already a part of your congregation, to address everything from cardiac arrest to active shooters. They are perfectly and discreetly integrated in their new role, allowing you the comfort of having a planned response for any situation without interruption to your regular activities and service. 

For more about our approach, or to schedule a meeting at no charge to discuss customized options for your location, please Contact Us. Costs are based upon the scope of your project and can be scaled to work within almost any budget, from 20 members to 2,000. Call today for a consultation.

Do you think of armed security guards in uniform, perhaps with wands or even metal detectors? Does the image of large unhappy-looking men in suits cross your mind? If so, you are understandably in the majority of Church leaders that may have considered a Security Program but passed due to these, and other unsavory images of 'security'. 

Frankly, we agree. When most of our Churches resemble the one above, as opposed to 5,000 seat concert halls, how do we subject our friends, family and visitors to weighted security measures? The truth is we can't, it's just not realistic. So how do we address security and liability concerns without interruption to worship?

Integrated Response Teams provide the solution.

We've done it. This is not a plan developed by individuals with no actual Church experience, but rather a tried and tested plan designed by two former Church leaders with extensive integrated security backgrounds. Worship first.

We've customized this plan for Churches from SC to WA. It is a mission and service that we make affordable, and functional, for all Churches. 

When most Church leaders consider a 'security program' the likely first thought is armed guards. But the truth is there are many more concerns and liabilities that a program should address:

Children's programs- do we really know who is with them, do our attendants know basic first aid, how do we know who can pick up a child, do we have the necessary attendance and medical information on each child
Emergency Planning- Fire, where are the children, who inspects fire extinguishers, where do we meet, how do we know if everyone is out... Power Outages, Inclement Weather (tornadoes, etc), Medical Emergencies... all of these should be part of our SOPs and included in written policies 

This is a glimpse of the general operational liability Church leaders are tasked with on a daily basis, most of which have never been officially addressed.

Then, there's the above... an ever increasing reality. How will your congregation react? Will anyone take control?

It takes specialized training to remain calm and keep people safe while dealing with such a serious threat.

But, the good news is that the training is available, can be taught to almost anyone and is very effective.

These numbers are sad, and very concerning. As Church leaders we have a responsibility to protect the flock. We know Jesus told Peter that he (and his confession) was the rock on which He would build the Church. Given Peter's standing in the Scriptures, it's no surprise that Jesus tells him three times, in three different ways, to 'protect My flock' (John 21:16). 

Is Self-Defense a Biblical principal...? Click below and decide for yourself

Skill-Set Training

  • Situational Awareness
  • Tactical Concealed Carry
  • Improvised Self-Defense
  • High-Stress Control

Our Instructors

Our LAKELANDS CWP Instructors are SLED Certified, NRA Certified, Family Friendly teachers with a passion for self-defense, and a desire to share at all levels