CWP Training

LAKELANDS CWP takes the time to explain the Why's and How's of owning, carrying and using a Firearm safely and effectively... for all skill levels, even if you've never fired a shot, you'll feel right at home

CWP Skill-Set 2 has a prerequisite of SC CWP and completion of CWP Skill-Set One. This Course is the absolute application of law enforcement style training to everyday concealed carry. We deal with the reality of DFEs (deadly force encounters) as well as active shooter response and scene control.

This Course assumes you carry a firearm on a regular basis- it is a commitment to your family, yourself and your fellow man. It takes a servant's heart and a soldier's humility. 

We proudly offer CWP Skill-Set Two knowing that each person, properly trained, can make a difference.

CWP Skill-Set Two will focus on:

Proactive and preventative engagement 
Reactive engagement
EDC items and trauma management
Dispatching under fire
Active shot placement
Crowd/Group control
How to safely submit to Law Enforcement

COST - 29 per person, maximum 8 participants

DURATION - 4-5hrs

Open to any SC CWP holder that understands there's truly nothing real about target practice. In fact our motto for Skill-Set One is, "If you're not missing, you ain't learning." In other words, if you can hit the bullseye it's time to move on to something more challenging, something based in reality... something you can apply to protecting yourself, and your Family.

This is not a physical class, and you do not need any specialized training, quite the opposite- this is for the average CWP holder that wants to learn how to manage, and respond to, the challenge of a true self-defense situation.

CWP Skill-Set One will focus on:

Situational Awareness
"Reading your environment"
Producing a firearm from concealment
Firing while moving
Firing while shielding loved ones
Establishing basic cover/concealment
Tactical magazine changes
Processing information under stress
How to safely submit to Law Enforcement

COST - 29 per person, maximum 8 participants

DURATION - approx 4hrs

If you do not see an Advanced CWP 1 scheduled, you can host your own private Class with a minimum 4 participants

Our Instructors

Our LAKELANDS CWP Instructors are SLED Certified, NRA Certified, Family Friendly teachers with a passion for self-defense, and a desire to share at all levels

Skill-Set Training

  • Situational Awareness
  • Tactical Concealed Carry
  • Improvised Self-Defense
  • High-Stress Control

Professional self-defense training