CWP Training

LAKELANDS CWP takes the time to explain the Why's and How's of owning, carrying and using a Firearm safely and effectively... for all skill levels, even if you've never fired a shot, you'll feel right at home

When we say Commitment we're All In. Simply put, there's nothing more important to us then the safety of you and your loved ones. We work with you until you're comfortable. Miss the required number of shots for a CWP- do it again, 1x1, no charge. Want to stay after class to work on something- not a problem. Need a refresher- sit in on any class you've already taken, anytime, for free. We have families too, we share your goals, we get it, and you'll know it. Relax, it's Lakelands.

At 5,000 sq ft, we have one of the largest training facilities in the Upstate. And, because it's private, it's yours! Our range can be configured in many ways to offer numerous training scenarios that mimic real life, not just target practice. And... with a dedicated classroom building, all in the same place, you'll love LakelandsCWP!



We started LakelandsCWP to do one thing- help people. Times are tough. Crime is on the rise and income is on the decline. Why should good people be cost-prohibited from the very training they need most right now? We couldn't come up with a good answer for that either so we decided to adjust our pricing and focus on what's important- helping you and your family stay safe. It's our Passion, our Mission and, for decades, our careers. And we will share no less with you at this rate than we would for twice the price. We focus on small class sizes, so space is limited. Sign up today, and experience the comfort of LaklandsCWP. 


This was better than the Academy guys!"

"I had no idea how much fun it would be. I was so nervous but you guys made me feel safe and right at home. I actually want to do it all again!!! :-) "

"I've carried in combat and as a Deputy, but had no idea how different it was to conceal. Y'all made it easy to understand. Awesome!"

"Folks, it's not about guns, it's not about shooting bad guys. They taught me it's about learning how to spot the bad guys and keeping my boys safe. The gun is the last resort, it's about awareness."

"Thank ALL of you guys for a great learning experience. It is people like you guys that love to serve the public and do right by others that I try to emulate and have tried to teach my kids. It is definitely a dying breed. The class was great and very informative, but mostly it was fun. I have several people that have told me they want to get their CWP so I will definitely recommend you guys. Also, my crew will be in touch to do the application for the Arizona CWP soon. Thanks again!"

​"Thanks for doing my wife's CWP and letting me sit in to watch. I wish I had done mine there, I actually learned more! My class was a fiasco on the range, no organization, no fingerprints, we were there all night. Your team was simply smooth. Thanks again, we'll be back."

"Brenda and I enjoyed attending and learning from you and your presenters yesterday. We want to thank you for opening your home to us and making us feel welcome. I was delighted to see you open and close the program with a prayer, especially in this day and time where it is being squeezed out of our society.
Last night we discussed what took place, with our neighbor (who also holds a CWP) and he thought that the way the program was presented that it was much more informational than the one he had attended.  I especially liked the way we did the firearm portion and had the test and then went to the range. That broke it up very nicely and kept the program moving. Thanks again."

"I think it's so cool that you let people come back for refreshers for free. No one else puts that much into it. You guys, and gal, really care. My wife was so comfortable and that says a lot. We will be back."


Professional self-defense training

Skill-Set Training

  • Situational Awareness
  • Tactical Concealed Carry
  • Improvised Self-Defense
  • High-Stress Control

Our Instructors

Our LAKELANDS CWP Instructors are SLED Certified, NRA Certified, Family Friendly teachers with a passion for self-defense, and a desire to share at all levels